AP Face & Body Cream 70 g

Care Cera

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AP Face & Body Cream 70 g

Care Cera AP Face & Body Cream is a functional body care cream born from dermatological research for dry skin that repeats rouge and rough skin.

Ceramide maintains moisture of the skin and has a function to support barrier function from external stimulus. Ceramide plus that compensates for important moisture for its barrier function, and peptide CP that keeps skin moisturizing, it becomes a source of moisture. Supplement moisture from the deep skin (stratum corneum). Seven natural ceramides (moisture ingredients) * Ingredients. It gives moisture, protects the skin and leads it to healthy skin. It is rich cream with rich feeling.

● Weakly acidic, hypoallergenic, paraben free

● fragrance free

● Patch test completed with cooperation of sensitive skin people. (Not all people get irritated.)

● To dry skin persistently refreshing rough skin and rough skin. Cream to moisturize your skin